Distinctive historic villa to become Urban Jürgensen headquarters


In an exciting new development after 30 years, Urban Jürgensen is moving to refined new premises in Biel/Bienne. Built in the late 1920s and exuding the type of atmosphere that only comes from carefully renovated craft detail, the new premises offer the perfect home for a brand that is defined by the word authenticity.

Reflecting its core philosophy that a fundamental measure of any enterprise is the quality of the choices it makes, Urban Jürgensen has always consciously chosen to deploy historical craft methods for the simple reason that no automated process can possibly match the integrity a true craftsman can achieve. Located near the centre of the city and perfectly in keeping with this ethos, the new Urban Jürgensen headquarters is an impressive historic villa that provides the ideal setting for this commitment to craftsmanship and technical prowess, as well as for the entire proud heritage cultivated by the Maison.

This four-floor former mansion offering approximately 600 m2 of floor space features oak inlaid floors, stucco ceilings and craft work panelling. In tribute to the firm’s Swiss/Danish heritage, the decor will incorporate a combination of elements from both countries such as USM Haller and Erik Jørgensen furniture and Louis Poulsen lamps.

Not just a pretty face

The creation of an Urban Jürgensen watch is not the product of expedience, but rather the prolonged pursuit of carefully honed excellence in a traditional atelier. Against this background and in keeping with the company’s belief that the past is always present, the new premises comprise an old-style atelier that has been carefully modernised to allow every one of the crafts so highly valued by Urban Jürgensen over its 244-year history to perform to its full potential.

“While the previous headquarters were also housed in a villa in Biel/Bienne, but as a separate, purpose-built atelier annex, it was entirely unsuited the growth that Urban Jürgensen is currently experiencing. Our new home will provide not only our much cherished atelier, but also the additional space we need to accommodate production of our products – all made with a level of handcrafted detail found nowhere else in a single watch today,”

says CEO Søren Petersen.

Thus, far from being purely cosmetic, the move will allow further rare old craft capability such as hand-bluing and component fabrication – coupled with an innate sense of perfection with regard to detail – to be brought in-house, thereby making a major contribution to the next phase in Urban Jürgensen’s long history. At Urban Jürgensen, no concept or design is ever outsourced – it all comes from within.