Urban Jürgensen ‘The Alfred 40’ - continuing the story


The new model celebrates the continued success of The Alfred and answers the desire of our collectors and connoisseurs for a smaller watch. Two years to the day since the original Alfred launch, we proudly introduce ‘The Alfred 40’. With the smaller 40mm case and the addition of a folding stainless-steel clasp.

The Alfred 40

The Alfred 40 distils the best of the brand’s century-old traditions of our most exceptional craftsmanship and offers a unique collection experience.


The ‘Grenage’ dial is a manifestation of elaborate craftsmanship. ‘Grenage’ is a traditional, time-consuming technique that aims at obtaining a silvery, frosted surface with remarkable depth and granularity. First, a final cut solid fine silver dial is engraved with the selected indexes, numerals, and texts. The ultra-shallow engravings are hand filled with a lacquer, and the surplus hardened material then polished off by use of increasingly fine diamond paper. The dial grenage layer is then built by manually treating and brushing a secret mix of silver powder, salt, and other ingredients onto the blank silver dial surface. By electrochemical bonding process, the dial face builds up a frosted pearled and unique silvered surface with incredible depth and granularity. The dial surface is achieved by a handmade process. This means every dial is unique, and every watch will, therefore, have its own personality and character.


The Alfred’s hands are handmade, individually honed, polished, assembled, and thermally blued to the specified Urban Jürgensen shade. The steel arms of the hands are cut from selected steel and hand-finished to perfect shape and fit. After careful polishing with increasingly fine grain diamond paper, ending with mirror polishing by use of shape fitted secret types of dried wood. Finally, the arms are thermally blued to arrive at the perfect Urban Jürgensen navy colour. The eye is designed with an asymmetrical geometry that elevates the elegance of the entire hand by tapering the volume from the dial centre towards the tip of the hand. The centre canons for the hands have been turned on a precision lathe and mirror polished. The arms of the hands have then been carefully riveted in place around the canons for the perfect fit. Urban Jürgensen hands require numerous hours of highly skilled artistry and are a key feature of Urban Jürgensen timepieces not found in any other watches today.


Contrary to the industrial design of lugs for a watch case, the teardrop lugs on Urban Jürgensen’s timepieces are individually forged, heat-treated, hand-polished, and individually soldered onto the watch case in a way which makes the soldering line invisible to the naked eye. An extremely delicate process, resulting in a case design that is breath-taking in its sheer elegance and classic execution, remaining a treasured and iconic hallmark of distinction at Urban Jürgensen.


The hands are advanced precisely by the Urban Jürgensen Caliber P4 with manual winding. Displaying small seconds at 6 o’clock, this twin barrel calibre runs at 21’600 vibrations per hour with a 72h autonomy. Finished to the ambitious Urban Jurgensen standards, it can be admired through the exhibition case-back. The P4 caliber is decorated with Geneva stripes radiating from the balance wheel and perlage. The full balance bridge is openwork, and the contours of the bridges are underscored with superb manual chamfering. Jewel sinks and recesses are finely polished, and the screws are thermally blued.

The Alfred is worn on a brown Buffalo strap finished off with contrast white stitch and is carefully sewn by hand.


The Alfred is available for sale directly from Urban Jürgensen.

Buyers will have the opportunity to collect their watch directly from the company’s atelier in Bienne, Switzerland. They are met by the company’s CEO, Søren Jenry Petersen, who will personally hand over the finished watch and introduce the buyer to the craftsmen who have spent months working on them.

It will be an opportunity for the company to explain its unique “grenage” dial finish, the intricacy of its hour and minute hands, which are assembled and finished by hand, as well as our in-house P4 manually wound mechanical movement.


The Alfred was named in tribute to Jacques Alfred Jürgensen, the last watchmaker of the Jurgensen family. Jacques Alfred Jürgensen was the second member of the fourth generation of Jürgensen watchmakers and the second generation in Switzerland. Born in Le Locle in 1842 as the youngest son of Jules Jürgensen, he was trained as a watchmaker, and he was integrated into the daily affairs of the family company at the age of 19. Known for working on chronographs and other complications of the highest quality, his watches were regularly distinguished at watchmaking exhibitions. He even set up his own company that was located under the same roof as the Jules Jürgensen Copenhagen company in Le Locle, producing watches under his own name or unsigned to third parties including to Tiffany & Co New York.

The Alfred 40 is priced *16,400 CHF + VAT