The new 2015 Urban Jürgensen Collection


The collection includes five new watches, Reference 1140L comes in Red, Yellow or White Gold with classically executed hand guilloche silver dials and solid Gold index batons. The Platinum version of Reference 1140L comes with Urban Jürgensen Arabic numerals. These models are all equipped with the new in-house mechanical Urban Jürgensen P4 Lever Escapement movement.

Last but not least and inspired by our 2014 GPHG first prize Winner Men’s Category Ref 11C Central Second gentleman’s wristwatch, the 2015 Collection also includes Reference 1140C in Red Gold, manual winding and in-house P8 movement in a new design with the world patented Urban Jürgensen Detent Escapement.

The new 40mm classical case design used in these references has a round form, teardrop shaped lugs and stepped bezel combined with exquisitely finished dials and hands. The diamond-finished hands require several hours of handwork to finish them to perfection. After careful bluing, the hands are polished to a perfect gloss. For watches in Gold cases, the hands are made of Gold and Steel. These are visual landmarks of distinction that can only be found in Urban Jürgensen timepieces, bringing together a distinctly visible application of pure handcraft, where the intrinsic balance of all parts together forms timepieces of true beauty.

Urban Jürgensen is considered masters of the art in using hand finished guilloché dials. In the new collection, it can be appreciated in the great attention to detail in the dial layout and pattern selections of Grains d’orges and Guilloché Damier. Each dial requires up to 700 operations and takes 2 full days of hand work to complete on a guilloche lathe. After engine-turning, the dial is repeatedly brought to red heat and treated with acid to produce the unique warm color by developing a fine layer of pure silver on the surface.