Year 245 …

As 2018 draws to a close, I would like to thank our rapidly growing family of clients and friends of Urban Jürgensen as well as our retail partners for making 2018 yet another good year for our company.

We have this year celebrated our 245th year of continuous operation, and we have had now our third year of exceptional growth in our sales after we took over the company and reset it for the future.

We are small, and the business environment continues to be challenging, but we have yet again in 2018 seen that our handcrafted timepieces find an increasingly larger customer pool opting out from the many industrially marketed “luxury” clone products. We continue to believe that there is future value and growth to be found when staying faithful to the core traditions and craft methods that ensures every Urban Jürgensen is an individual unique piece of watchmaking art.

A cornerstone in our messages to the market is that it’s about the quality of choices you make as a company that will determine your success. At Urban Jürgensen we have decided to stay very classic and timeless in the deployment of old craft methods to make our watches. The elaborate craft methods it takes to make our hands and moon discs, as well as our signature Guilloché and Grenage dials together with the hand finishing of movements, Arabe numerals and cases with forged teardrop shaped lugs individually soldered – are a testament to this. Using so much hand work ensures each watch is unique. And rare. We estimate that the number 1000 of Urban Jürgensen wristwatches will be sold to a lucky client during 2019.

We proudly celebrated opening partnerships again this year with the addition of David Duggan of Mayfair in London, and Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh, completing our presence in the UK. Arguably two of the most respected names in the UK for their expertise and traditional approach to client service. They have begun selling well and connecting their discerning clients with Urban Jürgensen.

While “The Alfred” still enjoys an overwhelming reception, and the classic Ref 2140 WG and the Ltd Ed. Ref 1140 RG that were launched at Basel have been very successful – I can promise here that we will present something groundbreakingly exciting from Urban Jürgensen in 2019, fulfilling a strategic goal of enlarging the collection count in a whole new category, and finally answering the single most often asked question to me in the last 4 years. We can´t wait to showcase these pieces and look forward to the market reactions. I hope to see you at BASELWORLD and more to come!

Thank you to all who have supported us during the year, and I look forward to launching the next important collection from Urban Jürgensen and create a further basis for great partnerships in 2019.

Best wishes

Søren Jenry Petersen
President & CEO