Baselworld 2018 Press Release




The story begins at the time Christian VI was King of Denmark and Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, a child named Jürgen Jürgensen was born, and he was to have great significance for watchmaking history. He was both the father of the most famous Danish watchmaker Urban Jürgensen and at the same time the founding father of the horological dynasty which was to revolutionize the outdated structures of the clock and watchmaking craft in Denmark and Switzerland. Through their use of new theoretical findings and practical working methods, they subsequently achieved the highest recognition both in Denmark and Switzerland.

Since 1773 Urban Jürgensen timepieces have always been an example of uncompromising craftsmanship and use of best talents; A tradition the company feel honour-bound to perpetuate. The Maison’s timepieces are not factory made out of some large industrial building but carefully honed in a traditional atelier. The choices of traditional handcraft we make at Urban Jürgensen, for example, making our dials, hands, movements, cases and moon discs - means all our timepieces end up being unique pieces as the human manufacturing variations simply will not allow two pieces to come out identical.

At Urban Jürgensen there is a belief that perfection is seldom the product of haste. Machinery may offer capacity, but hand craftsmanship provides individuality and lasting joy. While traditional materials ensure longevity, skilful hands are required to deftly manipulate tools to create horological objects of beauty.

Continuing the extraordinary 245 years of history, and to mark the anniversary, Urban Jürgensen presents two new timepieces; Reference 1140L RG BROWN, a limited edition of 20 pieces, and a new addition to the Jules Collection, the Reference 2140 in White Gold.