Baselworld 2018


Baselworld 2018

“In fact, an artist is not an artist for nothing. Neither the cost nor the effort required should be an obstacle in reaching perfection.”

Urban Jürgensen 1776 - 1830

Urban Jürgensen 245th Anniversary

Celebrating our 245-year anniversary, we remind ourselves that Urban Jürgensen firmly belonged to the historically significant, and artistically defining group of craftsmen and artists of the early 1800´s.

It was a time where artistic dedication combined with scientific exploration would mean the difference in the geopolitical forming of the world order. World power balance favoured in no small part the nations who fostered the craftsmen and horological artists capable of making superior ship chronometers that in turn made their navies dominant on the high seas.

Urban Jürgensen was renowned for his dedication to perfection, and ability to absorb learnings from masters of his time. He was highly respected for his theoretical knowledge displayed in his landmark publication in 1804, on the “General principles of accurate time measurements by use of clocks”, for which he was honoured with a Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Sciences - even though he was not considered a scientist, but an artist!

As we gather for BASELWORLD 2018, we here at the newly inaugurated Urban Jürgensen Atelier workshops in Bienne hold the principles of our founding fathers close to heart. Above quote from the master himself illustrates in no small measure how and why we make our timepieces today, and our museum collection of works from the Jürgensen Dynasty and our complete workshop log books remind us every day.

Celebrate our 245th anniversary and see our new timepieces at Baselworld

2018 Hall 1.1 - Stand L05
Messe Basel
March 22 - 27 March
9 am - 6 pm

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Baselworld 2018